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Otelai Valve Machinery Co Ltd

  Otelai Valve Machinery Co. Ltd is the large and medium-sized enterprises valve is a collection of scientific research, design, development, manufacturing, sales as one of the international group, the direction of the development of. Continuous innovation, constantly surpassing company based on conventional valves on the domestic and foreign advanced technology, 3D simulation modeling design system, optimization condition design, using a variety of materials for customized development, and constantly improve the reliability and practicality of products.

  R & D and manufacturing company: elastic valve seat seal, hydraulic control valve, multifunctional pump control valve, filter piston type control valve, a new generation of low pressure backflow prevention device, butterfly valve, check valve, balance valve, filter tube valve, exhaust valve, mud valve, rubber joint, telescopic joint fire valves, electric heating valve, pneumatic valve, industrial valves, water meter series varieties.

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